KB Hospitality & Villas is a property management company operating in Greece. In collaboration with the property owners, we help them lease their properties and turn each property into a unique experience for their guests. With priority given to the most suitable strategy, our goal is to increase the profit of each property, emphasising its special features both in its online and in its physical appearance. We stand by our customers with respect, organisation but also with a consultative character throughout the whole process. This can be a part of the online promotion or the hospitality service each-self. We specialize in providing exceptional  hospitality experiences to our guests. With years of experience in tourism, I understand the importance of creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. Our mission is to take care of all your needs before and during your stay with us, ensuring you have an escape and the chance to explore new destinations.

“After years of working in tourism and developing a passion for it, I came to appreciate the distinctive value of hospitality. When a trip is complemented by a cozy location and a friendly host, it completes the overall experience for visitors. I firmly believe that if we have a vision and love for something, we can make it a reality. As the founder of KB Hospitality & Villas, I have put my own personal touch on the world of tourism. My name is Katerina Boutri.”

Personalized Hospitality

At KB Hospitality & Villas, we place great emphasis on providing personalized service for you and your guests. As the first point of contact, I work closely with you to evaluate your property, provide expert advice, and collaboratively devise solutions that meet your specific needs. I am always available and eager to answer any questions you may have, and I provide regular monthly reports to keep you informed about your property's performance. My focus on building a relationship of trust extends to your guests as well. I strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for them from the very first interaction, often providing personalized care and attention even before their arrival. And my hospitality services go beyond just the check-in and check-out process; I also make sure to attend to their daily needs both inside and outside of your property. To that end, I visit them regularly and am always available by phone, day or night.

Our values

We make sure your property receives all the care it needs to perform at its best and stand by your guests for an unforgettable stay.

We believe in reliability
: Trust is a key word for both you and your guests.

We believe in quality: From start to finish, our goal is for our high performance to exceed customer expectations and satisfaction.

We believe in professionalism: We offer you complete and ideal solutions for highlighting and effectively utilizing your property.