KB Hospitality & Villas operates as a property management company based in Greece. In partnership with property owners, we facilitate property leasing and curate distinctive experiences for guests. Our primary aim is to enhance the profitability of each property, accentuating its unique attributes both online and in its physical presentation. Throughout the entire process, we uphold values of respect, organization, and a consultative approach, whether in online promotion or direct hospitality services. Our expertise lies in delivering outstanding hospitality experiences. Drawing from years of experience in the tourism industry, we recognize the significance of crafting unforgettable moments for our guests.

Our mission extends beyond mere accommodation; it’s about providing you with a sanctuary where your every need is anticipated and met. From personalized recommendations to seamless logistics, we ensure that your stay with us is not just a getaway, but an opportunity to immerse yourself in new destinations and create cherished memories

“After years immersed in the tourism industry, my passion for hospitality blossomed. I came to recognize the profound impact a welcoming environment and a gracious host can have on a traveler’s journey. I firmly believe that with vision and dedication, we can transform dreams into reality. As the founder of KB Hospitality & Villas, I’ve infused my personal touch into the fabric of the tourism landscape. My name is Katerina Boutri, and I invite you to experience hospitality redefined.”

Personalized Hospitality

At KB Hospitality & Villas, we prioritize delivering tailored services for you and your guests. Serving as your primary point of contact, I collaborate closely with you to assess your property, offer expert guidance, and devise customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements. I’m readily available to address any inquiries and provide regular monthly reports to keep you updated on your property’s performance.

My commitment to fostering trust extends to your guests as well. I strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere from their initial interaction, offering personalized care and attention even before their arrival. Beyond facilitating check-in and check-out, I ensure their daily needs are met both within and outside your property. Rest assured, I’m always accessible by phone, day or night, to ensure a seamless experience for both you and your guests.

Our values

We make sure your property receives all the care it needs to perform at its best and stand by your guests for an unforgettable stay.

We believe in reliability
: Trust is a key word for both you and your guests.

We believe in quality: From start to finish, our goal is for our high performance to exceed customer expectations and satisfaction.

We believe in professionalism: We offer you complete and ideal solutions for highlighting and effectively utilizing your property.