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Evaluation & Development

We evaluate and advise you for the best promotion of your property.

Marketing & Promotion

Creating and managing your e-image to the right audience.

Sales Management & Promotion

Through our software, we increase bookings and we maximise occupancy.


We monitor and improve your listing through dynamic rates, updating your content and calendar.

Operation Management & Consulting:

We offer complete and ideal solutions aimed at upgrading functionality and customer satisfaction.


Direct Bookings

Reservations vital to the successful and continuous profit of your accommodation, releasing commissions.

Continuous Support

We are always by your side and available for any possible issue.

Why ΚΒ;

Our many years of experience in the tourism industry, now make us as reliable professionals in the field of hospitality and management. We possess the knowledge required to effectively maximize the use of your property. At KB Hospitality & Villas, we oversee all operational activities and provide cost-saving strategies to property owners through our expertise and efficient operations. We remain committed to supporting you by providing consulting services, ensuring an unforgettable accommodation experience for your guests.


Our Properties

Magical destinations in the Aegean islands, the Ionian and even Attica await for you to explore! You can explore all of our properties on our website. Find out more details about our offers and book your stay now with a click!

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